Red Rocks Rwanda

Red Rocks Initiative for Sustainable Development is an African non-governmental organization established in 2017 to enhance sustainable development in the Virunga Mountains region in East Africa.

Red Rocks believes in community-driven sustainable development and their initiative supports locally led environmental conservation and sustainable tourism initiatives. Red Rocks initiatives provide viable livelihoods for local communities and have the power to lift underserved communities out of poverty and instil in them a sense of purpose and pride.

Red Rocks Initiative is registered as an NGO with the Rwanda Governance Board under registration number N° 741/RGB/NGO/0C/07/2020. They are also a member of the Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network and the Rwanda Environment NGO’s Forum.

The sister organization, Red Rocks Rwanda , is a social enterprise and cultural centre offering camp facilities, eco-tours, and philanthropic opportunities.


Wild Things Roam works to raise awareness of Red Rocks Initiative to ensure the sustainable social and economic development of communities in the Virunga Mountains region. We also support community-based environmental conservation and sustainable tourism programs run by Red Rocks. This helps to improve community livelihood through Environmental Conservation, Arts & Culture, Education, and Community Health & Security Initiatives. In 2021, Where Wild Things Roam Tours will take travellers into Rwanda to experience the incredibly unique event – Kwita Izina, the baby gorilla naming ceremony. This will be followed up by the Rwanda Rocks – Red Rocks Cultural Festival, where proceeds will go directly back into the organisation. The tour will also include trekking the rare mountain gorilla.

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