Environmental Management Conservation Trust (EMCT)

The Environmental Management Conservation Trust (EMCT) is a non-profit outfit combating the devastating effects illegal poaching is having on our wildlife and natural habitats. It was developed and implemented by Colonel Lionel Dyck, who has over 30 years of high-level military and conservation experience in hazardous and challenging environments.

EMCT offers bespoke solutions and well-designed counter-poaching strategies to its clients to enable their operations in hazardous and challenging environments. This is done in collaboration with government agencies, local stakeholders and NGO partners that are focused on wildlife conservation, habitat protection, law enforcement and community engagement.

EMCT is at the forefront of Africa’s conservation efforts with multi-faceted operations that involve the use of human, K9 and aerial assets in the form of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. We have proven a successful example and strategy with a team of specialists traveling to areas with a struggling model and then spending time on the ground, assessing and subsequently advising and assisting with the implementation of a specifically tailored counter poaching management solution.

With deployment and increased success in at-risk areas, EMCT is well respected and regarded as the gold standard in counter-poaching operations in Southern Africa. We respond proactively, hence see ourselves as a distinctive counter-poaching operator and not an anti-poaching unit.

EMCT is solely donor-funded. As a non-profit, 100% of proceeds are sent directly to the ground. By optimising all available financial resources, we guarantee sufficient man and asset resources to dominate the ground in operational areas.

EMCT must maintain and expand its successful counter poaching operations to the areas where it is needed most. We have the expertise and tactics to get the job done; we are the best at what we do.

We have established a system and very specific equipment requirements to achieve our stated aims. Without these essentials, of which each one is of vital importance, EMCT would become just another “almost there”.

A fully functioning EMCT Counter-Poaching Unit @ $38 000 per month consists of:

  • 1 x helicopter (20 flying hours per month/fuel/pilot) + 1 x fixed-wing aircraft (60 flying hours per month/fuel/pilot)
  • 2 x vehicles
  • Operational field staff

What EMCT needs is your support to continue to deliver these counter-poaching tactics and resources to operate on the front line and behind enemy lines and so ensure the safety of targeted and endangered wildlife.


Wild Things Roam works to raise awareness of EMCT through assistance with public relations and media drive, sourcing donations and sponsorship, distribution of much-needed equipment and more. The Where Wild Things Roam Shop has a series of EMCT counter-poaching merchandise with 100% of profits donated back to EMCT.

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