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Animal Assist is an experienced team of environmental and animal welfare advocates. They are passionate about protecting wild places and all that inhabit them with a particular focus on ethical, grassroots organisations. Although their main focus is in Asia, they are always looking to expand their capacity to provide help where it is most needed.

Animal Assist’s key focus is helping animals in need. They provide a platform to smaller groups who are doing amazing work on very small budgets to expand and strengthen their scope to create change. They do this by working closely with a project’s management team to assess priority areas of development and use their networks to help improve their capacity. The result of this collaboration is improving the welfare and conservation outcomes for both wild and domestic species.


Animal Assist sees fundraising as a vital aspect of what we do. They offer support to various organisations, aiming to relieve revenue-raising pressure, thus allowing them to focus on what they do best. With a team experienced in all forms of fundraising they raise vital funds for projects that are often in desperate need of financial support in order to allow them to take care of the day to day activities they are involved in.

Providing funding allows the organisation to respond to what is most critical at the time. Needs and priorities can change rapidly when dealing with rescuing animals and can often be the difference between life and death on any given day. Providing assistance in this way, as well as supporting specific projects within the organisation, forms the crux of Animal Assist’s work.

Veterinary Donations

The hot, humid climate of SE Asia, where many of Animal Assist’s projects are based, provides an ideal breeding ground for parasites, pathogens and disease. The animals Animal Assist supports are often in need of medical care but specific veterinary equipment and medications are often not available, or when they are, can be incredibly expensive.

Animal Assist has a solid background in the veterinary field and provides funding for projects requiring veterinary expertise and care. Animal Assist are proud to have connections to major veterinary suppliers so they can assist, treat and improve the lives of these animals. Animal Assist welcomes donations from hospitals, pharmacies, vet clinics and suppliers and are keen to expand relationships in this area.

Enrichment Donations

In any captive animal situation, Animal Assist supports the core elements of good animal welfare – adequate and appropriate housing, feeding and medical care, freedom from discomfort and pain, and the provision of enrichment. Enrichment is the process of providing captive animals with some form of mental or physical stimulation with the aim of supporting positive mental health and encouraging natural behaviours. For these animals to return to the wild they need to learn, or continue to practice, normal behaviours such as foraging or interacting in social groups.

Providing enrichment to captive animals is a core welfare issue that Animal Assist feels very strongly about. There are many ways in which they contribute – they seek out enrichment items (eg Kongs) and support projects with funding for food, environmental and behavioural enrichment. They also provide funding for appropriate enclosure upgrades for those animals unable to be returned to the wild and for domestic animals awaiting adoption.


Wild Things Roam works to raise awareness of Animal Assist’s work in helping animals in need. This is through donation drives, veterinary donations, on the ground assistant, content and more. Where Wild Things Roam Tours will take travellers into Asia where they can get hands-on in wildlife conservation, with all profits donated to causes on the ground.

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